Successful Completion of InnovateUK Integrated Transport Project: 300+ Datasets, 11 Partners, and 9 Global Awards

Two-year award-winning oneTRANSPORT project, powered by the Chordant™ platform, delivers successful real-time data marketplace between local authorities and private sector companies

Company Release - 11/6/2017 3:30 AM ET


LONDON, Nov. 06, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A consortium of leading European industry, academic and transport authority partners, today announced the successful completion of a two-year integrated transport project, funded in part by the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK. After two years, the project, oneTRANSPORT, was able to bring together more than 300 different datasets, coordinate eleven public and private partners’ activities, and recognized with 9 global awards.

In 2013, InterDigital Europe conceived the oneTRANSPORT concept. Buckinghamshire County Council, ARUP, Worldsensing and Traak Systems joined InterDigital Europe to deliver an initial feasibility study in January 2014, followed by Oxfordshire County Council, Northamptonshire County Council, Imperial College London, Highways England, Hertfordshire County Council, and Clearview Traffic Group in 2015, expanding the consortium to 11 partners to deliver and operate a full in-field trial.

The oneTRANSPORT project utilized the Chordant™ platform, built on the global oneM2Mstandard, to enable local authorities to consolidate and share real-time data feeds within a single environment, allow independent data analytics and application developers to offer value-added data services and end-user applications, and allow third party transportation sensor owners to contribute their data streams and expertise to the marketplace.

The goal was to tackle local transport issues, deliver a superior travel experience and fuel the exploration of new revenues for local authorities, with in-journey travel optimization and value-added services that travelers desire. In 2016, the consortium conducted the first use cases that delivered on these goals, and as a result delivered tangible benefits to its participants. Three successful case studies include:

  • Silverstone Formula 1 Race Weekend: The project integrated and displayed real-time data from multiple data owners including Highways England, three local authorities, and private sector traffic and analytics companies. This gave organizers an understanding of the approach and departure of 16,000 cars over the four-day event, and allowed them to optimally route traffic in and out of the seven on-site car parks. Armed with visibility of traffic flow rates and real-time car park occupancies, Silverstone was able to minimize queues and congestion over the full Formula 1 race weekend.
  • Watford Football Club Match Day: oneTRANSPORT enabled real-time data from multiple road and parking systems around Watford town centre to be combined and displayed, providing new real-time insights into traffic behavior and the impact of visitors around Watford on football match days, which take place every two weeks and attract over 20,000 visitors. These new insights enabled interventions in signal timings and dynamic information displays that altered traffic and parking, which significantly reduced queues and congestion on key town centre roads and improved car park exit rates post-match.
  • Oxford Park and Ride: This project enabled the sharing of data between Oxford Council, a public bus operator, two analytics providers and two app developers, to help manage traffic and congestion in Oxford City Centre. By collaboratively sharing real-time data on road congestion, real-time bus locations and real-time parking availability, private sector organizations were able to develop new app-based information services for travelers that combine information about anticipated car journey times, predicted bus journey times and predicted parking availability for various travel options into the town centre versus the park and ride service. Such collaborative efforts have enabled the provision of reliable information to promote the benefits of the park and ride service, reducing unnecessary circulation of traffic and resulting pollution and traveler frustration in the city centre.

“InnovateUK is committed to stimulating innovation in infrastructure systems crucial to the economy, environment and society.  The oneTRANSPORT project is a great example,” said Stephen Hart, Senior innovation lead, Connected Transport at InnovateUK. “The successful two-year project has proven, in real-life situations across private and public sectors, that it can enable data to be shared in such a way that unlocks innovation, enables new intelligent mobility services for the UK and ultimately benefits society through growth potential.”

The solution created as part of the oneTRANSPORT project operates as neutral, national data infrastructure and supports a federated approach to other data platforms. It enables the sharing of data between organizations of all types and is neutral in its handling of the data. The project together with the Chordant platform, upon which the project is based, have won nine global awards including 2016 Best Solution for Transportation & Logistics from IoT Solutions World Congress and a 2016 Connected Transportation Excellence Award from IoT Evolution Magazine.

“The oneTRANSPORT project enabled an important step-change in how data is shared and used by travelers and transport operators,” said Alan Carlton, Vice President, InterDigital Europe. “We’re thrilled to have been at the genesis of a project that unlocks a new generation of Smart City benefits across the UK and look forward to enhancing and expanding on the platform and solutions developed for oneTRANSPORT.”

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