India-EU ICT Standards Webinar: Standardising and Integrating Smart Cities: A Transport Use Case

Smart city initiatives are mostly driven by single cities with large budgets. This trend typically demands new platforms and sensor deployments to define solutions that are eventually translated into better conditions for citizens. However, the problem with the current model is the large cost of “usually” bespoke solutions, which also tend to avoid using data from “legacy” systems and databases. Chordant, in collaboration with 15 public and private partners across two consortiums, is using the international open standard, oneM2M, to tackle this problem and change the way smart cities are implemented. In the webinar, a group of experts present and debate on the rationale for running field trials in the UK and their relevance to international markets.


  • Dr. Rafael Cepeda, Senior Manager, Chordant
  • Mr. Trevor Brennan, Strategy & Programme Manager, East Herts & Broxbourne, Hertfordshire County Council
  • Ms. Katie Parnell, Principal Bid Management Officer, Innovation and Research, Localities, Policies and Programmes, Oxfordshire County Council
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Chordant is passionate about innovation and a standards-based approach that stimulates thriving global ecosystems. Solutions powered by the Chordant platform address the fundamental challenges in Smart City deployments. Like a perfect chord of musical notes, the Chordant platform brings harmony to diverse devices, data and services. We have created one of the largest Smart City deployments integrating hundreds of transport data sources into a transport data marketplace. Our Smart City solutions have also been recognized by leading analyst firms and organizations.


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