Case Study: Smart city success relies on co-operation and collaboration
WHITE PAPER | Feb 2017 | IoT

The smart cities market and its associated segments, which include smart buildings, intelligent transportation and energy management among others, are all lucrative and growing IoT markets. They all share the demand for more standardised approaches and the need for partnerships. Here, IoT Now Magazine reports on the recent oneTRANSPORT initiative in the UK which demonstrates how different organizations can collaborate effectively and features InterDigital's role in the oneTRANSPORT initiative.


Chordant is passionate about innovation and a standards-based approach that stimulates thriving global ecosystems. Solutions powered by the Chordant platform address the fundamental challenges in Smart City deployments. Like a perfect chord of musical notes, the Chordant platform brings harmony to diverse devices, data and services. We have created one of the largest Smart City deployments integrating hundreds of transport data sources into a transport data marketplace. Our Smart City solutions have also been recognized by leading analyst firms and organizations.


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